Data Access

SOCCOM float and calibration data are available below.

*************** Users of SOCCOM data should acknowledge the SOCCOM project ***************

Detailed information about SOCCOM float data, access, and processing

3/12/2021:  Note that the ODV-compatible ASCII file format that SOCCOM has been serving to users has moved to WMO-based file names (as opposed to MBARI-ID).  The contents of the files remain the same aside from a few minor changes and additions to descriptive information in the headers. Please contact Tanya Maurer (tmaurer@mbari.org) with any questions.


Float Access & Visualization

Interactive Map

Interactive Map
View float and profile locations, download raw and QC’d data files (ODV format)


Plot float data

Argo iFremer portal

Euro-Argo portal
Click on second column “WMO Euro-Argo Link” to access SOCCOM float information (measured parameters only)

World map

PolarWatch ERDDAP
Explore, subset, and create images of SOCCOM quality-controlled data from either the near-real time dataset or latest snapshot archive through NOAA’s PolarWatch Environmental Research Division Data Access Program (ERDDAP)

Biogeochemical-Argo map thumbnail

Biogeochemical-Argo Map
Locate, identify (WMO) and get access to the NetCDF (*.nc) of the merged profiles of a specific SOCCOM float (figures for each float are from real-time, not QC'd, data and should not be used for scientific purposes)

World map

Access Argo profiles via API, or visualize temperature, salinity, and BGC data by location. View float trajectory forecasts, compare gridded fields, co-locate Argo data with weather events.

Float Data Files

Entire float dataset

Entire float dataset with DOI
(Temporary alternate link) Includes measured parameters plus derived carbon and biological parameters, most up-to-date QC (ODVtext, netCDF and Matlab formats)

Single float data files

Single float data files
Files for each float in ODV (SOCCOM QC with derived parameters) or netCDF (Argo DAC data) formats

Float Trajectory Files

Float Trajectory Files
Trajectories for all floats, ASCII format (zipped)


Other BGC float data:

UW global O2 data set (netCDF format (zipped) now also available in Argo database)

Non-SOCCOM BGC Float table

Shipboard Data


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