Education and Outreach

Theme 3: Education, Diversity, and Outreach

The EDO team of the C-SOBOM collaboration will work to foster a strong pipeline of ocean scientists, bring new talent and technology into the field of oceanography, and better equip the public and policymakers to address the challenges of climate change.

An undergraduate education and diversity program will be coordinated by Theme 3 Lead Oscar Schofield at Rutgers University, which has an innovative series of educational programs reaching out to K-12 and undergraduate students. The program will also offer technical training certification courses in ocean observing technologies, an approach already tested with cadets from the US Naval Academy and operational oceanographers from Korea. These short immersion certificate courses will be open to external corporate, federal, state, and academic personnel who are entering the field. Graduate student and postdoc training will be carried out jointly by all the participating institutions under the leadership of Princeton University.

Co-Lead Heidi Cullen of Climate Central, an independent, non-profit journalism and research organization that promotes understanding of climate science, will coordinate outreach. Climate Central is currently working in partnership with 10 local TV stations in markets totaling 30 million households to deliver newsworthy climate science information to local TV meteorologists on a weekly basis. At the national level, Climate Central has partnered with the Weather Channel, PBS NewsHour, Time, and Scientific American.

Efforts to share technology with industry will be carried out by Ken Johnson of MBARI and Steve Riser of the University of Washington, who have extensive experience developing sensor and float technology with commercial partners.