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Assistant Professor of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University
Theme 2 Co-Investigator
Theme 2: Modeling
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences, Burt 216
Oregon State University
97331-5503 Corvallis , OR
United States
Phone: (541) 737-2368
Oregon US
E-mail address: 
Dissolved gases, isotope biogeochemistry, marine biological pump, and marine carbon cycle

Laurie Juranek’s research falls into two basic categories: 1)  understanding the role of the biological pump in regulating ocean CO2 uptake using in situ measurements of geochemical tracers such as dissolved gases, gas ratios and gas isotopes, and 2) predicting and quantifying the impact of climate- and CO2- related changes to biogeochemical cycling. She actively seeks to incorporate novel research methods, technologies, and platforms to improve the spatial and temporal resolution of field-based observations in the coastal and open ocean.

Dr. Juranek’s role in the SOCCOM project will be to use high quality hydrographic data to develop empirical algorithms for prediction of carbon system parameters like pH, total CO2, and total alkalinity. These algorithms can then be used to validate high-resolution coupled model outputs and constrain the full carbon system from profiling float data.