Associate Professor
University of Miami
Theme 2 Co-Investigator
Theme 2: Modeling
4600 Rickenbacker Causeway University of Miami
33149 Miami , FL
United States
Phone: (305) 421-4108
Florida US
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Large-scale ocean circulation, mesoscale eddies, their interactions and importance in climate

Igor Kamenkovich has been doing research on ocean dynamics and its role in the Earth climate, focusing on the large-scale ocean circulation and mesoscale eddies. He has more than 20 years of experience working on these topics. The Southern Ocean, with its thermohaline circulation and mesoscale eddy field, represents one of the main topics in his research.  In his studies, he is striving to combine numerical simulations (both idealized and comprehensive), theory and observations. He has experience in managing scientific research grants and supervising graduate students and postdoctoral investigators.

Dr. Kamenkovich will serve as a Researcher in the SOCCOM project and will be involved in the analysis of Observation System Simulation Experiments (OSSE), studies of the importance of eddies in heat/carbon distributions, model analysis and metric development.