How to access the SOCCOM float data:

Interactive Map and Data Selection Data

Use our interactive map to view float locations and trajectories and click to download raw and QC'd data.


All of the SOCCOM data are available on the web at the SOCCOMViz web page. You can plot the data for any float on SOCCOMViz.  Full data files, including direct hyperlinks to Argo Sprof files and MBARI QC'd ODV text files, are easily accessible through the SOCCOM float performance tracking table. Note that all processed data files (both Argo and ODV formats) are named by float WMO.

Data Snapshots

Download .zip files containing snapshots of all SOCCOM and UW/MBARI floats taken on the date in the file name. LowRes files are 30 Mbytes and only have data at the depths where chemistry is sampled. HiRes files have CTD and some chemistry data at 2 m resolution in the upper 1000 m of the profile. Those archives are about 100 Mbytes.

Automated access

If you want automated access with Matlab, or Python…. it’s a bit more complicated because the Princeton web site really points to a web site at MBARI and the PU site is hiding a redirect. For software access, the URL to data from float 9095 (WMO 5904188) is:

These are tab delimited, ASCII text files. Files are formatted formatted as an ODV (Ocean Data View) spreadsheet. ODV is freeware designed for viewing oceanographic data and it works very well. Find it at Once you download the text file, it can be dragged on to the ODV icon on your desktop.


Instructions for accessing low and high-resolution data files are available here.