SOCCOM's primary blog is SOCCOM at Sea - below are links for individual cruises.

February 2024

Take a virtual trip on the R/V Thompson on a transit from Australia to Antarctica and back along the I08S line, deploying SOCCOM floats on the way!

July 2023

Follow researchers on the on the R/V Roger Revelle as they traverse the Indian Ocean on the GO-SHIP I05 line from Fremantle, Australia to Cape Town, South Africa.

December 2022

Join Jennifer Magnusson on Korea's first ice-breaking vessel, the RV Araon, as she deploys SOCCOM floats on the SOLOMON cruise to the Weddell sea.

November 2022

Join SOCCOM scientists Josie Adams (U. Washington undergraduate and Argo lab employee) and Ben Freiberger (Scripps Institution of Oceanography technician) leading float deployments on the NBP22-11 transit cruise.

March 2022

Follow the German research vessel Polarstern as the scientists and crew deploy SOCCOM floats in the South Atlantic and Weddell Sea.

February 2022

Join Channing Prend on the A10.5 cruise as he helps deploy floats in the South Atlantic on the R/V Sarmiento de Gamboa!

January 2020

Follow the SubAntarctic Mode Water 2021 cruise on the Revelle via blogs by SOCCOM's Melissa Miller and the SAMW-21 team.

October 2020

Join the "Icy Inverts" team! Researchers from Auburn University, The University of Alabama, Central Michigan University, and other institutions are searching for marine invertebrates living in the Weddell Sea and Bransfield Strait, and deploying SOCCOM floats on the way.

March 2020

Channing Prend documents the deployment of SOCCOM floats on a GO-SHIP cruise from Cape Town, South Africa.

January 2020

Join Isa Rosso and Madeleine Youngs as they deploy floats on a journey to Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier.

January 2020

Follow Chief Scientist Mike Coffin and scientists on the Australia's R/V Investigator as they deploy SOCCOM floats on a cruise to investigate tectonics near the Kerguelen Plateau. 

January 2020

Melissa Miller, a Scripps marine chemist supporting SOCCOM deployments, describes her experiences on a JAMSTEC cruise of the R/V Mirai from Mauritius to Antarctica.

December 2019

Follow the RoSES CUSTARD cruise on Twitter and their blog as the UK team deploys SOCCOM floats near Chile. National Oceanography Centre (NOC) scientists, engineers and crew will embark on a research expedition that will see them spend Christmas and New Year sailing through remote waters in the Southern Ocean on board RRS Discovery.

February 2019

Isa Rosso is hard at work on the GO-SHIP I06S cruise! Join her as she travels on the R/V TG Thompson from Cape Town to the Antarctic shelf and back, deploying SOCCOM floats on the way.

February 2019

Follow the SOCCOM-At-Sea blog to track Natalie Freeman as she reports from the UK's Andrex II cruise in the Weddell Sea.

December 2018

Paul Chamberlain is sampling the Weddell Sea on a 55 day cruise of the German research vessel Polarstern.  Keep up with his adventures on the SOCCOM-At-Sea blog.

December 2018

Ellen Briggs is deploying SOCCOM floats from the RV Kaiyo-maru Japanese fisheries vessel as part of the JAMSTEC S4I cruise in the Southern Indian Ocean.  Follow her journey!

October 2018

Join John Ballard of the University of California, San Diego's as he deploys SOCCOM floats on an Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT) cruise on the UK's RRS James Clark Ross.

March 2018

Ellen Briggs and Chanelle Cadot will spend 67 days on GO-SHIP cruise S4P deploying SOCCOM floats. Join them as they follow 67°S along the Ross sea ice shelf, sampling the water column for physical, chemical, and biological tracers.

December 2017

Follow Isa Rosso, on her third SOCCOM cruise!  Isa will be deploying SOCCOM floats in the Southern Indian Ocean on a cruise led by India's National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR, now NCPOR).

September 2017

Join Melissa Miller, a marine technician from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, as she sails on an South African icebreaker deploying SOCCOM floats in the South Atlantic.

July 2017

SOCCOM scientists are taking part in a GO-SHIP cruise deploying six SOCCOM floats across the Pacific Ocean from Sydney, Australia to Valparaiso, Chile.

Visit the GO-SHIP P6 blog to read about the adventures of scientists deploying SOCCOM floats on Leg 2 of the P6 cruise.

Follow Isa Rosso on her journey as co-chief scientist for Leg 1 of the GO-SHIP P06 cruise. Isa is a SOCCOM postdoc who also documented her 2016 experiences on an Australian cruise on her “Herder of Floats” blog.

“From the Desert to the Sea” is the blog of Rebecca Beadling, a graduate student who uses models to study climate change at the University of Arizona. She’s stepping away from the computer to experience life at sea aboard the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer.

March 2017

DynOPO Cruise 2017 is the blog of Steve Griffies, a SOCCOM collaborator at NOAA’s Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. A theorist and computer modeler, Steve is taking part in his first research cruise to experience the Southern Ocean firsthand.

December 2016

Follow a SOCCOM team in the Southern Ocean! Dr. Stephen Riser is the chief scientist of the cruise's SOCCOM team on a journey from Punta Arenas, Chile, to McMurdo Station in Antarctica. Greta Shum and Ted Blanco are the storytellers on board from Climate Central. You can follow Steve, Greta and Ted on their individual blogs:

Floating on the Southern Ocean is the blog of Steve Riser, a professor from the University of Washington who leads SOCCOM's float production effort and is the lead SOCCOM scientist on the cruise.

SOCCOM at Sea is the blog of Greta Shum, a Research Analyst/Multimedia Journalist at Climate Central and a member of SOCCOM’s Broader Impacts team.

Shot on a Boat is the blog of Ted Blanco is a videographer at Climate Central and a member of SOCCOM's Broader Impacts team.

May 2016

Melissa Miller, a Scripps marine chemist supporting SOCCOM deployments on the GO-SHIP P15S cruise, offers her unique perspective on SOCCOM floats.

February 2016

Earle Wilson is a graduate student at the University of Washington. For the next 6 weeks, he will be on the R/V Revelle participating in the I08S repeat hydrography cruise.

January 2016

Scripps postdoc Isa Rosso’s blog from onboard Australia’s RV Investigator sailing from Fremantle, Australia to Heard and McDonald islands in the South Indian Ocean.

December 2015 – January 2016

Scripps graduate student Veronica Tamsitt’s blog from an NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative cruise based out of Punta Arenas, Chile.

December 2014 – January 2015

Princeton graduate student Hannah Zanowski’s blog from a cruise on Germany’s R/V Polarstern that sailed from Cape Town, South Africa to McMurdo Station, Antarctica and back.