B-SOSE Workshop - June 16, 2020
The goal of this online virtual workshop was to increase involvement in biogeochemical state estimation and was advertised on social media.  The event attracted over 60 participants to learn about and discuss the SOCCOM's biogeochemical state estimate and its applications.

Biogeochemical Floats Workshop - University of Washington, July 9-13, 2018
This workshop brought together potential users to discuss biogeochemical profiling float technology, sensors, and data management, in order to begin the process of the intelligent design of future scientific experiments

Great Antarctic Climate Hack - La Jolla, California, October 9-12, 2017
#GreatAntarcticClimateHack was a workshop to train non-modeling experts to use observational datasets to interrogate CMIP model results, thereby creating new model metrics and validation tools. The aim of the workshop was to facilitate preparation for the next IPCC report for a much broader science community, increase non-traditional climate modeling publications, and learn to apply/utilize data sets that help develop model validation skills. 

Chem School - MBARI, December 7-8, 2016 
n December 2016, nine SOCCOM participants took part in a “Chem School” organized by Ken Johnson of MBARI.  Two members of the research staff, three postdocs, and four graduate students spent two days learning about biogeochemical sensors (oxygen, nitrate, pH, bio-optics), BGC data processing, and the quality control/data adjustment process for float data.