Data Access

SOCCOM float and calibration data are available below.
*** Users of SOCCOM data should acknowledge the SOCCOM project ***

Detailed information about SOCCOM float data, access, and processing

Single Float Access & Visualization

Interactive Map

Interactive Map
View float and profile locations, download raw and QC’d data files (ODV format)


Plot float data

Argo iFremer portal

Argo IFremer portal
Access SOCCOM float information, download individual profile data (Measured parameters only)

Float Data Files

Entire float dataset

Entire float dataset with DOI
Includes measured parameters plus derived carbon parameters (ODVtext, NetCDF and Matlab formats)

Single float data files

Single float data files
Files for each float in ODV or netCDF format

Float Trajectory Files

Float Trajectory Files
Trajectories for all floats, ASCII format (zipped)


Other BGC float data:

UW global O2 data set (netCDF format (zipped))

Non-SOCCOM BGC Float table

Shipboard Data


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