Shipboard Data & Reports

Cruise and ShipboardAuthors using shipboard data assembled for SOCCOM calibration should acknowledge that "Data were assembled or collected and made available by the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling (SOCCOM) Project funded by National Science Foundation, Division of Polar Programs (NSF PLR -1425989), supplemented by NASA (NNX14AP49G).” For use of specific datasets within the shipboard data sets, authors are encouraged to examine the metadata that accompanies each data set and acknowledge the data originator or agency.

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Calibration Data​


Cruise Information

Year 3 Cruises (2016 - 2017)

Draft Year 3 Float Deployment Map

P18 GO-SHIP- San Diego to Punta Arenas (2016-2017)
R/V Ron Brown (US)

ACE - Cape Town to Hobart (2016)
Akademik Tryoshnikov (Russia)

NBP17-01 - Punta Arenas to McMurdo (2016-2017)
R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer (US)

P17S GO-SHIP - Punta Arenas to Auckland (2017)

NBP17-04 PIPERS - Lyttelton to Christchurch (2017)
R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer (US)

P6 GO-SHIP - Sydney to Valparaiso (2017)
R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer (US)


Year 2 Cruises (2015 - 2016)

Year 2 Float Deployment Map

OOI SO - Punta Arenas to Punta Arenas (2015)
R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer (US)

SR1B - Stanley to Rothera to Stanley (2015)
R/V James Clark Ross (U.K.)

University of Tasmania Heard (HEOBI) - Fremantle to Hobart (2016)
R/V Investigator (Australia)

Australian Antarctic Division Aurora - Hobart to Hobart (2016)
R/V Aurora Australis(Australia)

GO-SHIP I08S - Fremantle to Fremantle (2016)
R/V Roger Revelle (U.S.)

CSIRO Eddy - Hobart to Hobart (2016)
R/V Investigator (Australia)

GO-SHIP P15S - Hobart to Latoka, Fiji (2016)
R/V Investigator (Australia)


Year 1 Cruises (2014 - 2015)

IN2015-01 SOTS - Hobart to Hobart (2015)
R/V Investigator (Australia)

A12 - Cape Town to Punta Arenas (2014-2015)
R/V Polarstern (Germany)

P16S - Hobart to Papeete (2014)
R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer (U.S.)