SOCCOM-BAS Cruise Deploying Floats in South Atlantic

RRS James Clark Ross

Dan Schuller of Scripps Institution of Oceanography is currently aboard SOCCOM’s second float deployment cruise of the season, which is being carried out in partnership with the British Antarctic Survey on the RRS James Clark Ross.  The cruise departed from Stanley, Falkland Islands, and is headed to Rothera, a British station on the Antarctic peninsula, and back. Along the way Dan will be deploying 4 SOCCOM biogeochemical (BGC) floats and collecting and analyzing the water samples needed for calibrating our BGC sensors (Dan carried out similar work on a Year 1 cruise in partnership with the Alfred Wegner Institute on the R/V Polarstern – see the blog about that cruise here).

The James Clark Ross is currently close to the British Rothera Antarctic station – you can see its location here (latest position in red).  The ship is heading north to Stanley and will be deploying floats along the way at several of the stations shown on the map below. You can track our float deployment progress and access data from this map courtesy of MBARI – watch for floats appearing north of the Antarctic peninsula.

SOCCOM Float Deployments