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SOCCOM researchers Ethan Campbell, Earle Wilson, Stephen Riser, Matthew Mazloff and Lynne Talley are authors on this article documenting the first real-time monitoring of a giant hole in the Antarctic sea ice provided by SOCCOM floats:


Mysterious holes in Antarctic sea ice explained by years of robotic data

Hannah Hickey, UW News      June 10, 2019

The winter ice on the surface of Antarctica’s Weddell Sea occasionally forms an enormous hole. A hole that appeared in 2016 and 2017 drew intense curiosity from scientists and reporters. Though even bigger gaps had formed decades before, this was the first time oceanographers had a chance to truly monitor the unexpected gap in Antarctic winter sea ice.

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SOCCOM researchers Ken Johnson and Seth Bushinsky are featured in this episode of the Stereo Chemistry podcast from Chemical & Engineering News:

How robots are revolutionizing chemical oceanography - automated vessels are making it possible for scientists to monitor chemistry anytime, anywhere in Earth’s oceans

by Sam Lemonick     May 22, 2019


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Researchers Alison Gray and Seth Bushinsky are featured in this Science News article on SOCCOM float measurements of Southern Ocean carbon dioxide fluxes.

Photo courtesy of Hannah Zanowski

The Southern Ocean may be less of a carbon sink than we thought

The water surrounding Antarctica may be belching more CO2 than it takes in

BY ALEXANDRA WITZE       6:00AM, JUNE 2, 2019


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Our Annual Meeting for SOCCOM participants and invited guests was held May 13-15  at Princeton University – log in for details.  (If you're already logged in, click here).

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Image courtesy of The Albany News      

The Albany News     March 14, 2019

By Kathy Thomson 

Albany-sponsored float now sending data

“Leo” the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling (SOCCOM) float adopted by Albany Junior and Senior High School last year has resumed sending data after being trapped beneath ice in the Southern (Antarctic) Ocean for several months. [read more]



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Natalie FreemanIsa Rosso is hard at work on the GO-SHIP I06S cruise!  Join her as she travels on the R/V TG Thompson from Cape Town to the Antarctic shelf and back, deploying SOCCOM floats on the way.

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Our Annual Meeting for SOCCOM participants and invited guests will be held May 13-15  at Princeton University – log in for details.  (If you're already logged in, click here).

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Natalie Freeman, a postdoc at Scripps, is deploying floats on the UK's Andrex II cruise - follow her adventures via the SOCCOM-At-Sea blog!

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Students at Seaside Middle School have adopted a SOCCOM float - read more about their experience from the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

Priyanka Runwal    |     Santa Cruz Sentinel      March 1, 2019

Pepperoni pizza may be among America’s favorite foods. But for sixth-graders at Seaside Middle School, “Pepperoni and Pizza” is their most prized possession.

It’s yellow, bobs in the ocean and will be their gateway to Antarctica’s remote waters over the next five years. This cylinder-shaped robotic float will gather data on the chemistry and biology of the Southern Ocean and transport it to their classroom in real time. (read more)