Data files for individual SOCCOM floats are available in ODV format (include measured parameters as well as derived carbon parameters) and netCDF files (Argo data system - measured parameters only).  NetCDF and matlab format including derived carbon parameters for the entire float data set are available.

ODV format

Individual SOCCOM float data files are available by anonymous FTP:

The low resolution files have CTD data only at the depths where chemistry is sampled. The high resolution files have CTD data with 2 meter resolution above 1000 m and chemistry data only at the depths where it is sampled. These files are about 10x larger than the low resolution files.

netCDF format (Argo data system)

SOCCOM float data are also available via the Argo data system (links below), but the Argo files include only measured parameters and not derived carbon parameters available in the SOCCOM data files.  To access data from a particular SOCCOM float on the Argo system, use either of the URL's below, substituting in the float number of interest in place of "5904188."