Dec. 22, 2016

The Southern Ocean State Estimate (SOSE) is a general circulation model that is least squares fit to all available observations to produce a physically realistic estimate of the ocean’s state. As part of SOCCOM, a version of SOSE has been developed that incorporates biogeochemistry (B-SOSE).  Solutions are available at

B-SOSE includes the BLING biogeochemical model which represents carbon, nitrogen and oxygen cycles, and constrains this output with biogeochemical data from Argo floats, hydrographic cruises, and satellites. Extensive validation of the solution is available at at, and the SOSE team is happy to provide any additional diagnostics upon request.

Moving forward, the team will be focusing on a 2013-2020 “SOCCOM era” B-SOSE with assimilation of SOCCOM float data. For more information contact Matt Mazloff ([email protected]) or Ariane Verdy ([email protected]).