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Watch our SOCCOM scientists on “Decoding the Weather Machine,” which aired on Wednesday, April 18.  Stephen Riser and Alison Gray from the University of Washington, and Heidi Cullen from MBARI are featured in the program.

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Princeton graduate student Shawn Cheeks and SOCCOM Shipboard Data Manager Bob Key visited Fall River Elementary School in West Virginia last week to give a presentation on the school's adopted SOCCOM float, the Floating Falcon. (Shawn is an alumnus of the school.) The school's administrator invited the local news to record a bit of the outreach program ...  Aired Tues March 27 on WVVA TV from Beckley, WV.

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Our Annual Meeting for SOCCOM participants and invited guests will be held June 11-13 at Princeton University – log in for details.  (If you're already logged in, click here).

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Co-chief scientist Ellen Briggs and UW student Chanelle Cadot will spend 67 days at sea! GO-SHIP cruise S4P departed from Hobart Tasmania on March 9th and will follow 67°S along the Ross sea ice shelf. At approximately 158 stations the crew will sample the water column for physical, chemical, and biological tracers. In the final week they will cross the Drake Passage and take port in Punta Arenas Chile on May 14, 2018. Follow their journey!

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SOCCOM members Steve Riser, Ken Johnson, and Lynne Talley have organized an OCB-sponsored Biogeochemical Profiling Floats Workshop to be held at the University of Washington July 9-13.  This workshop will bring together potential users to discuss biogeochemical profiling float technology, sensors, and data management, in order to begin the process of the intelligent design of future scientific experiments. Registration is first come, first served - click the link above to visit the workshop website and register.



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Looking for multi-media resources for your classroom? Climate Central has worked with SOCCOM researchers to produce 6 educational videos on Southern Ocean phenomena called "Southern Ocean Deep Dives." The videos feature helpful animations as well interviews with SOCCOM researchers - feel free to download them and use them in your teaching today!
Topics include:

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Check out our list of over 40 SOCCOM-related presentations at the annual meeting, and don't miss our Town Hall on Wednesday, February 14.



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Follow Isa Rosso, on her third SOCCOM cruise!  Isa is deploying SOCCOM floats in the Southern Indian Ocean on a cruise led by India's National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR).

Posted: Mon, 10/09/2017 - 15:08

Sea ice and clouds blanket the Weddell Sea around Antarctica in this satellite image from September 25, 2017. A SOCCOM float surfaced within the 60,000 km2 polynya (center) at the location marked in yellow. Image from MODIS-Aqua via NASA Worldview; sea ice contours from AMSR2 ASI via University of Bremen.

Contact: Ethan Campbell, University of Washington

A massive hole in the sea ice cover around Antarctica has been open for the past month1. Known as a polynya, this mysterious opening is the largest observed in the Weddell Sea since the 1970s. In recent studies, SOCCOM-affiliated researchers have used climate models to explore why these polynyas form and how they affect ocean and atmospheric circulation patterns2–5. However, the difficulty of mounting Antarctic expeditions in winter means that few actual measurements have been made of these rare events.