Follow a SOCCOM Cruise to the Southern Ocean

Dr. Stephen Riser was the chief scientist of the cruise's SOCCOM team on a ship that left Punta Arenas, Chile, in December 2016 and arrived at McMurdo Station in Antarctica in January of 2017. Greta Shum and Ted Blanco were the storytellers on board from Climate Central. You can find out about their experiences through their individual blogs (below) and via YouTube

Steve RiserFloating on the Southern Ocean is the blog of Steve Riser, a professor from the University of Washington who leads SOCCOM's float production effort and is the lead SOCCOM scientist on the cruise.

Greta Shum BlogSOCCOM at Sea is the blog of Greta Shum, a Research Analyst/Multimedia Journalist at Climate Central and a member of SOCCOM’s Broader Impacts team.

Ted BlancoShot on a Boat is the blog of Ted Blanco is a videographer at Climate Central and a member of SOCCOM's Broader Impacts team.