Alberto Piola

Research Director, Departamento Oceanografia, Servicio de Hidrografia Naval and Professor of Physical Oceanography, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Servicio de Hidrografia Naval


Dynamics of ocean fronts and water masses and their impact on biogeochemical processes and primary productivity


Alberto Piola, a physical oceanographer,heads the Ocean Dynamics Section at Servicio de Hidrografia Naval and is a Professor of Physical Oceanography at Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina). He serves in the IMBER Scientific Steering Committee (IGBP/SCOR) and the Ocean Observation Panel for Climate (IOC/UNESCO). Has published on the large scale circulation of the Southern Ocean and the South Atlantic. His current research is focused on the physical processes leading to enhanced biological productivity and the impact of ocean circulation and fronts on the biota. He is interested in shelf-open ocean interactions and western boundary currents. Dr. Piola currently leads an international consortium sponsored by the Inter-American Institute on Global Change Research, the US National Science Foundation and a number of South American research foundations. Piola will participate in the analysis of observations in the South Atlantic.