John Dunne

NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, GDFL/NOAA
External Collaborator
Office Phone
GDFL/NOAA, 201 Forrestal Rd, Princeton NJ 08540


Climate, ocean biogeochemical and ecological modeling, geochemical tracer studies of carbon cycling, and ocean instrument development.


John Dunne is an oceanographer with 20 years of experience developing instruments, collecting field observations, and performing analysis and modeling studies of ocean carbon cycling and the climate system. He has led GFDL's ocean carbon modeling activities, and has co-led GFDL's Earth System Model Development Team adapting GFDL's models for coupled carbon-climate studies and participating in CMIP5. He has received grants from NASA and NOAA and trained 2 post-docs, 3 summer undergraduates, and assisted in the training of undergraduates, graduate, and postdocs at Princeton University (J. Sarmiento, M. Bender, B. Ward) and Duke University (S. Lozier). As a U. Washington postdoc with A. Devol and S. Emerson, Dr. Dunne coordinated a team of 10 individuals to develop and implement the Oceanic Remote Chemical Analyzer. He has published 47 journal articles.

In addition to his research activities, Dr. Dunne has served GFDL as co-author of its 2011 5-10 year strategic science plan, 2010 report on a potential move to Princeton's main campus, and a 2006 five-year model development strategic plan, as well as serving as GFDL's contact for NOAA's efforts in ecological prediction, ocean fertilization, and ocean acidification.

Dr. Dunne will be primarily involved in SOCCOM's high-resolution biogeochemical modeling.