Matthew Mazloff

Programmer/Analyst IV , SIO-UCSD
Theme 1 Co-Investigator
Office Phone
Scripps Institution of Oceanography UCSD, 9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla CA 92093


Producing and analyzing estimates of the ocean state


Matthew Mazloff has been producing and analyzing a Southern Ocean State Estimate (SOSE) for over 6 years.  This observation–model synthesis is distributed via server ( and has a large international user community. Research using the SOSE has spanned a broad range of topics including papers on air-sea heat fluxes, the carbon cycle, the ocean circulation, and the dynamical balances governing this circulation.  The SOSE effort contributes to ongoing development of the 4D-Var assimilating version of the MIT general circulation ocean and sea-ice model.

Mazloff will lead the data assimilation component of the SOCCOM research program.  Mazloff is developing a state estimate of the California Current System (CCS) that includes biogeochemistry as part of the NASA Carbon Monitoring System effort. Using knowledge gained from this CCS state estimate, C-SOBOM biogeochemistry observations will be assimilated into the SOSE.  The goal will be to maximize the information content of individual SOCCOM observations by synthesizing them with a general circulation model and developing a best estimate of the current state, including biogeochemistry, of the Southern Ocean.