Michael Meredith

Leader of Polar Oceans research program, British Antarctic Survey
Chair of Southern Ocean Observing System,
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British Antarctic Survey


Southern Ocean circulation and variability, and its role in the global climate system


Michael P. Meredith created and leads the Polar Oceans research program at the British Antarctic Survey, with overall responsibility for its design, funding and implementation. He is a member of the POGO (Partnership for Observations of the Global Ocean) organization and Chair for the Southern Ocean Observing System.


Dr. Meredith has worked extensively in both polar regions, with a particular focus on understanding the role of the ocean in climate change and variability. He has made notable contributions concerning the dynamics of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC), including assessments of how sensitive is its flow to climatic changes in forcing, and the implications of overturning circulation in the ACC for global climate. His work demonstrated the role of mesoscale eddies in modulating changes in the mean ACC flow, and progressed research concerning their impact on Southern Ocean warming and carbon uptake. He has also made extensive contributions to the study of global abyssal warming and its causes via changes in the formation and export of Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW). Dr. Meredith has strong interests in the use of emerging technology as part of ocean observing systems. He has conducted numerous field campaigns in the polar regions from both UK and international research vessels, including serving as Chief Scientist on 5 major cruises. He has authored more than 80 peer-reviewed journal papers on the physical and interdisciplinary science of the polar seas, and manages a program with a total annual budget in excess of £1M (GBP).