Michael Winton

Oceanographer, NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
External Collaborator
Office Phone
NOAA/GFDL, 201 Forrestal Rd, Princeton NJ 08540


The role of air-sea fluxes in climate change, particularly in polar and subpolar ocean regions.


Michael Winton’s work is focused on the simulation of the ocean's role in transient climate sensitivity and is directed toward understanding the causes of model differences. He is the main developer of the GFDL sea ice model and was a co-leader of the team that developed GFDL's CMIP5 climate models. He is also the head of GFDL's Climate Processes and Sensitivity group , which has primary responsibility for the CM2.6 climate model. This high-resolution model incorporates an eddy resolving (1/10 degree) ocean component. CM2.6 will play a role in the SOCCOM model analysis component.