Nicolas Gruber

Professor of Environmental Physics, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zürich
ETH Zürich
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Inst.f.Biogeochemie u.Schadstoffdynamik


Biogeochemical cycles and their interaction with Earth's climate system


Nicolas Gruber has been Full Professor of Environmental Physics at the Department of Environmental System Sciences at ETH Zurich since July 2006.

Dr. Gruber's research interests are the study of biogeochemical cycles on regional to global scales and on timescales from months to millennia, with a particular focus on the interaction of these cycles with Earth's climate system. The goal is to better understand the physical, chemical and biological processes that control these cycles and to be able to make predictions for the future, especially with regard to the potential feedbacks between the global carbon cycle and a changing climate. His primary research tools are the interpretation and analysis of observational data coupled with the use of models ranging in complexity from simple box models to general circulation models.

Dr. Gruber, together with Jorge Sarmiento from Princeton University, is author of the textbook "Ocean Biogeochemical Dynamics". In recognition of his outstanding contribution to Marine Sciences, Dr. Gruber received the Rosenstiel Award from the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences of the University of Miami in 2004. This year, he will become an AGU fellow.