Stephen Griffies

Physical Scientist, NOAA Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
External Collaborator
Office Phone
GDFL/NOAA, 201 Forrestal Rd, Princeton NJ 08540


Studies of the ocean climate, physical ocean processes, and numerical ocean modeling.


Stephen Griffies' research interests include (1) understanding the ocean's role in the global climate system through the use of theoretical analysis and numerical modeling; (2) formulating physically and mathematically sound parameterizations and analysis

tools for describing and simulating various physical ocean processes; (3) contributing to the intellectual basis of ocean climate modeling as a rationally based scientific endeavor; (4) studying climate predictability and variability, particularly that related to decadal and longer time scales. His work has led to the publication of roughly 60 articles, including numerous reviews, as well as the monograph "Fundamentals of Ocean Climate Models" (Princeton University Press, 2004). Dr. Griffies was a founding member of the international CLIVAR Working Group for Ocean Model Development and served as its co-chair from 2004-2009. He is presently a member of the CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Region Implementation Panel.

Dr. Griffies is the leader of the Modular Ocean Model (MOM) project, with MOM used at GFDL and internationally for studying global and regional climate. His main role in the SOCCOM will be in the development of high resolution ocean and climate model configurations, as well as the analysis and interpretation of model simulations.